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Globus Hospital Kanpur Building Globus Hospital Kanpur Globus Hospital for Joint Replacement Best Hospital in India for Joint Replacement

Globus Hospital for Joint Replacement, Kanpur

Globus super specialty hospital is a medical center that is focused on the treatment or care of Orthopaedics with special facilities for Joint Replacement. Globus Hospital mainly focuses on one specific Type of Joint Replacement Surgery for almost all the Joints of the human body. This surgery mainly includes Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Cervical Disc, Lumbar Disc, Hip Joint Knee Joint & Ankle Joint.

Globus super specialty hospital is a hospital that is primarily and exclusively engaged in the care and treatment of the patients suffering from any kind of Arthritis & Joint Disabling Diseases.

Globus Hospital for Joint Replacement has done pioneering work in offering it's patients, state of the art treatment options for Total Knee Replacement Surgery & Total Hip Replacement Surgery.  We are also known for Revision Joint Replacement Surgery, High Tech Zero Error Surgery and Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement.

Why to go for JOINT REPLACEMENT SURGERY at Globus Hospital ?

  1. Best Destination for High-Tech Joint Replacement
  2. We are using Computer Chip Inbuilt Instruments for Joint Replacements
  3. Neither we cut your muscles (Muscle Sparing) nor do we assault your Bone Marrow for Joint Replacement
  4. High flex implants with US FDA Clearance for 30 years Knee wear performance
  5. Minimal Invasion Surgery, small cut, less pain & Fast Recovery.
  6. Best Centre for Custom Made Knee Replacement
  7. Facility of Insurance of Replaced Joint
  8. Only exclusive hospital to provide IMPLANTS WITH LONGEVITY OF 30 YEARS *
  9. Empanelled with ECHS/CGHS/RAILWAYS & all Major Corporates, PSU and TPAs
Health Care Leader in Joint Replacement

Dr. R.K. Singh is a well known orthopedics surgeon for adopting and incorporating new innovative techniques periodically. The result of his tireless effort & innovation is the introduction of Zero Error Technique. This technique is not only faster than previous techniques but also completly error free. The surgery time has been reduced to about 20 - 25 minutes which is a revolution in surgical history.

Dr. Singh has infact proved that TKR is a minimally invasive procedure. It is medically proved that the lesser time the patient spends in operation theatre, lesser is the tissue trauma and faster is the healing time.

Patients are made to walk on the day of surgery & this technique also ensures maximum flexion of knee, because of which patient returns to his normal activity and day to day normal life in less time.

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Life after Knee Replacement: Reviews from Patients

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Trusted by over two decades

Globus Hospital has been established by the people who have impressive track record of superior clinical outcomes and innovation since past two decades. This has ensured that Globushospital is the first place for people to turn to when faced with an orthopaedics problem.

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