I was suffering from Arthritis since past three years and my life had become like impossible, I was not even able to walk for short distance of few meters and was feeling depressed and helpless in my life. The day I heard about Globus Hospital and Dr. R.K. Singh, I visited him for consultation, he demonstrated me how effective modern technique of operation is that with almost no pain and with in few days I was back on my feet again and walking with no pain at all.

Cheers, for the innovative team of doctors at Globus, I would recommend every one to surely visit Globus Hospital for their joint related issues and problems.

Col. Manish Singh TomarEx Colonel, Indian Army

I visited Globus Hospital, Kanpur on recommendation of one of my relative. Before reaching Globus I was totally hopeless that something can be done for my Arthritis issue, as I had tried many options from massage oils, to several other Ayruvedic treatments, as well as many Doctors, who all gave me just pain killers to suppress the pain. No one had permanent solution to my problem.

The day I met Dr. R.K. Singh at Globus Hospital, Kanpur, he suggested me the physiology of the body and why there is pain and problem in my knee and there is no treatment except for going for operation. Operation is something to which every one is quite scared at first, however with the modern techniques of operation at Globus Hospital I was convinced that the surgery is quite minor with almost few days stay at hospital and almost no pain at all.

To my surprise post operation recovery was also fast and I was back on my feet with in five days

Mr. BhargavaRetd. Professor

Best hospital for Ortho & Joint Replacement

Saurabh ShuklaPatient

Best Hospital Facilities and Good team to take care of all issues.

Vivek AgarwalPatient